Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another great adventure

Junking is always an adventure.  We started the weekend thinking we wouldn't find many sales, but it seems in these trying times people are foregoing an ad and just tacking up YARD SALE signs.

ER_Cup2 The first thing I found was a Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee cup, saucer and plate.  I may already have the cup and saucer--I collect all kinds of royalty china (think plates, mugs, cups and saucers), but I don't have a sandwich (or is it a dessert?) plate, and the price was right at $2.50.  What's interesting to note is that although it was the Queen's Silver Jubilee (back in 1977), the cup and saucer are rimmed in gold. 

Rose_pitcher2 It was a great day for finding roses.  My first acquisition was no doubt a ceramics class project.  It probably went for cheap (a buck) because somewhere along the line the bowl that went with it was broken.  Will I find a bowl to put it in?  Who knows.  This picture is deceiving;  the pitcher stands about 9 inches tall.  For now, I think I'll use it as a vase.

Rose_cup1 Next up, I got a bone china, pink roses cupt and saucer.  Someone at the co-op (where I used to have a booth), told me that either Loblaws or A&P had a china giveaway during the early 1960s and this cup and saucer (with a number of others) was one of the items.  I've sold a number of these over the years, but this one I'm keeping Rose_creamer1 for me.  And at a buck, it was a bargain. At the same place (where I took pictures of the farm animals) I got a cute little bone china, yellow rose creamer.  I seem to be amassing a lot of bone china, but as long as I can fit it in the china cabinet, I figure I'm good to go.

Pink_girl_pix3 Next up was this little beauty.  Back in my co-op days, I'd sold a number of similar prints like this, but they were much bigger.  I like the fact this this little beauty is only 4 x 5 inches.  I'm not keen on the frame (which is even more tacky than the picture) so I may have to spend some bucks to find it something better.  But in the meantime, I'm hanging this over my desk (along with the rose print I got a few weeks back).

Muffin_tin I took a break from pretty stuff to get some useful stuff, too.  Okay, only one thing was actually useful.  It was a mini muffin pan.  I sometimes make mini quiches, but I only had one pan, which is a pain, because the recipe makes 24.  I saw this for a quarter and decided that it was time to make more mini quiches.  If I get my act together, I'll post the recipe sometime soon.

Candle-soap1 I love a bargain, and I got these bath salts, honey-almond soap, and a candle (with an old-fashioned Watkins soap label) for 10 cents each.  At that same sale, I got loads of blank note cards (of sheep, teddy bears and lace, fairies, and lots and lots of cats, for $3.50).  No doubt about it.  I won't have to buy note cards for a L-O-N-G time.

All-in-all, a great junking day.