Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Change Jar

Doesn't every have a change jar?  I do.  All year long I collect the loose change I get and toss it into my jar.  When junking season comes along, I'm ready.

My favorite thing to do is go junking on the weekends with my two best girlfriends.  We're talking every weekend.  Funny, but we hardly see each other during the winter months, but come April, we're ready.

Of course, first we start out at the local coffee shop to gossip, drink coffee and eat doughnuts, but after that, we're serious--or at least I am.  I usually drive because the other two are too busy gabbing, but that's okay, we're all having fun.

My jeans pocket is full of nickels, dimes, and quarters and I'm ready to find those bargains.

How about you?