Thursday, December 23, 2010

Counting Down To Christmas

Wrapped Xmas gifts Two shopping days left.  I have only two more gifts to buy (, and then I'm done.  Tomorrow I'm wrapping.  That'll take a few hours.  Tomorrow I intend to VEG.  And Saturday (the big day), we're hosting Christmas dinner.  (Prime rib.)

Scone In the meantime, there seems to be an abundance of food EVERYWHERE I LOOK!  We got a "bread" basket as a gift, filled with wonderful breakfast foods.  I ate the scones with the Devon cream.  (Oh, god, it was enough to make me swoon.)  Last night I visited friends and two of them brought delicious cookies.  (One of them also made her world-famous Chex Mix and gave me an ENTIRE bag of the stuff!!!)

I went grocery shopping yesterday.  Didn't I buy the stuff to make our family's pink dip?  (Nobody else on the planet makes pink dip (which gets its color from ketchup).)  That means potato chips have to happen on Christmas Eve.  We've eaten two pizzas in the last week; had Chinese food for supper last night.  We're going out to lunch for our annual Christmas date today, and tomorrow we're going out to dinner at my Aunt's. 
Christmas cookies
I've got cookies in the freezer.  I've got a vat of mixed nuts (no peanuts).  Red & Green peanut M&Ms.  Holiday Hershey kisses.  The only healthy thing we've got in the house is the remains of a wonderful fruit basket we received as a gift.  (Grapes are gone.  I keep telling myself that eating them canceled out all the bad stuff.)

Can you see a diet on my horizon?  How about you?