Monday, October 18, 2010

Unnecessary ingredients

Lean cuisine I kvetch about processed food, but unfortunately, it's still a part of my life.  The grocery store had Lean Cuisine entrees on sale and I though I'd stock up on a few because some nights who wants to cook?

Last night was one of those "I can't be bothered" nights and I went to the freezer and picked out a couple of boxes:  Stuffed cabbage for Mr. L and turkey, stuffing and apples for me.

When I asked Mr. L how his dinner was, he grunted and said, "Not like Mary made."  (Mary is his Polish mother.)  Mine ... eeew!  First of all, I am not a gravy fan and the stuffing was covered with it.  The turkey was a tough as shoe leather, and the apples ...

Stick your tongue out Why do food manufactures always think they have to improve on nature?  Apples are usually pretty sweet.  I always buy unsweetened applesauce and am amazed at why anybody would buy them sweetened.  You actually taste the apple in unsweetened applesauce, but when it's sweetened, all you taste is high-fructose corn syrup.

The apples in my entree were like that.  Dreadful.  I won't be buying that Lean Cuisine entree ever again.

Simple fact:  if food manufactures didn't put so much salt in their products, there'd be a lot less people taking pills for hypertension.  If food manufacturers didn't put so much corn syrup in everything we eat, there'd be less obesity.

End of ran.