Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fighting the urge to bake

Did you put on weight during the holidays?  I did ... but worked at losing it.  (All those leg lifts have to be good for something, right?)

And yet ... I feel deprived.  I didn't bake up a storm this year.

I did make one batch of sugar cookies, but I used store-bought dough. They were okay, but I learned to my horror afterwards that the frosting I bought had transfats!

So lately I've been thinking a lot about baking a cake.  A delicious, lovely cake.   I took down not one but about five of my recipe books and couldn't decide.  So instead, I went online and looked at cakes.  Beautiful cakes.  Lovely cakes.  FATTENING CAKES.

Isn't this one gorgeous?  But it's unlikely I could pull off that kind of decoration.  (What?  Am I kidding?  I'd never in a million YEARS be able to decorate a cake as pretty as that.)  But this one ,,, maybe ...

Then again ... I DID do all those leg lifts and kick backs ... do I really want to have done all that for nothing?

*Sigh*  At least I can dream about cake while I eat my bowls of lettuce.

How about you?  Is dreaming of dessert enough?  Or do you need the real thing (too)?