Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary To You!

The yard sales weren't quite as good this week, but as the junking season starts to wane your faithful correspondent and her chums (who seem more interested in coffee and doughnuts than the thrill of the hunt) went forth to forage and once again triumphed.

The first score was this darling little petal dish . . . or is it a shell?  And is it a soapdish or is it a condiment dish?  Who knows.  I just know it's CUTE!  It's post-war Made-In-Japan.

At the same sale, I found these steak knives.  Actually she had four packages of them, and I scored two.  They're made in Japan, too, so you know they're probably 20 or more years old, but in mint condition.

And then I got this 25th Anniversary bone-china (made in England) tea cup.  The truth is, we'd been to this sale at least twice before.  The last time I was there I decided not to get the cup, but as it was still there I figured it was meant to be.  And since it was only a dollar -- why not? 

I figure if I turn it around, no one has to know that it's a 25th Anniversary cup. And if I hold onto it long enough, I'll have been married that long anyway.

I also bought myself a little ivy rubber stamp for a quarter.  It's terribly cute and for a quarter, how could I miss?

So what do you think of this week's treasures?