Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A cozy cup of tea

Last week we had dinner with my aunt and uncle, who'd recently returned from a trip to England.  (Oh, the steak-and-ale pie was divine, as were the parsnip cakes.  Yum!) 

While in England, my aunt searched for and finally found a place that sells tea cozies.  These are a necessity if, like us, you like to drink your tea HOT!  When she asked why they were so scarce, she was told that people in England don't make tea by the pot much anymore.  And more people now drink coffee than tea.

Is this sacrilege or what?

I recently replaced my tea cozy (of 30 years) with one I found at a garage sale.  And my aunt brought me back two packets of my favorite English tea, which you can't get here. (Well, you can online--but it's not cheap, and you have to buy a lot to get free shipping.) So here I was thinking I was sitting pretty for tea for quite some time.  And then tragedy struck. 

I broke my every day teapot!!!

I've had this pot for at least five years (garage sale find), and it has served me well.  It was brown, which is wonderful since you can't see the tea stains.  I loved my medium-sized tea-pot.  Tea is the first thing I have in the morning and often the last thing at night.  I look forward to my multiple cups of tea throughout the day.  Now what?

Chintz_cup Mind you, I'm not without teapots.  I have two gorgeous bone china pots, but don't think I'm going to let someone as careless as me use them!  They're so beautiful I just like to admire them from behind glass doors.  (Along with my chintz cups and saucers.  Again, put behind glass to protect them from me!)  I also have a couple of one-cup teapots, which are useless for someone like me.  (But they are very cute.)

Getting a new "work horse" teapot is something that can't wait.  I need my cuppa--NOW!

There's a trip to Target in my future.