Friday, March 11, 2011

If it's Friday--it must mean fish!

During lent, we always have fish for dinner on Fridays.  Now this isn't a bad thing unless you're going to be evil and have a delicious fish fry.  Fried fish, french fries, and something green to (pretend) to balance everything out.

We usually have fish on Fridays anyway, so lent isn't a big deal.  And we're usually good.  Broiled cod with a mixture of mayo and dill weed is nice.  Or recently we saw a recipe on the Internet (I think on the Rochester TV station) where they wrapped cod in Prosciutto.  (The prosciutto gets nice and crispy under the broiler for a minute or two.)  Sometimes Mr. Ivy will make scallops, too.

But mostly I want my fish fried.  And I want it to be haddock.  A nice, thick fillet.  Fried with beer batter. (Add a martini to that and you've got heaven on a place mat.)