Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Christmas Cookie Crunchless . . .

I'm not the only one who's feeling the Christmas crunch.  The tree is up, so are the lights, most of the shopping is done.  So why don't I feel in a particularly Christmasy mood?  It isn't the economy.  (Goodness knows, when I get my 401K report any minute now, I may regret that statement.)

The weather?  (Sort of.)

So, what's with this feeling of melancholy?

Christmas cookies I've come to the conclusion that my problem is cookies.

I keep threatening hubby that I'm going to make some Christmas cookies.  I keep looking at recipes (the newspaper has a new recipe every night for twelve days) and pawing through magazines, but the truth is that  cookies just aren't going to happen.  When I recently visited Syracuse, I walked past the bakery department in Wegmans and stared at the cut-out cookies, the macaroons, and the almond paste cookies.  (They're ten bucks a pound, so were I inclined to bite, the cost keeps me in line.)

Cut out cookies Mind you, we're not the kind of people to sit down and eat a bag of chips or a package of cookies.  In fact, I rarely have them in the house.  Our problem is portion size.  And the worst?  We both work on computers.  That means sitting for most of the day. 

Come January 1st, we're on a diet. 

Still, if I'm depressed about the IDEA of starting a diet, imagine how crabby I'll be when I'm actually on it. How about you?