Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Harvest Festival Report!

Goodness, where does the time go?  I just realized I went to the Sodus Harvest Festival almost two weeks ago.  Well, here's the report.

My friends and I wanted to get there early because for the past two years we've arrived near lunchtime only to find that the apple crisp has been sold out.  So guess what--there was NONE this year!  Not only that, but last year we had the most amazing Mexican food sold by a local (authentic) Mexican restaurant.  They didn't show up, either.  (And they don't appear to be listed on the Chamber of Commerce brochure, anymore ... and since this was a chamber function . . . .)

After wandering around, we decided to buy a bag of kettle corn.  Before I could take a picture, we'd gobbled it up.  (Oops.)  But I did find a copy of the logo on line.

Since nothing much was happening, we inspected the contestants for the biggest pumpkin contest.

Believe it or not, these are the small ones.  (above)

We figured that big boy in the back was the winner and got to talk to the guy who owned it.  (He was quite proud, and rightly so.)  All the "contestants" were going to be lifted by a crane and dropped to earth to smash into a million bits.  What fun!  (NOT!)  In fact, the guy told us he had no intention of letting them smash his pumpkin--not after all he'd done to grow it. He intended to take it to church to let the kids climb over it until it rotted.  (Then he'd cut it up for the seeds.)

So ... that was the fun (?) of the Sodus Harvest Festival.  Will we go next year?  Why not?  What else have we got to do on a cold and rainy weekend in September?