Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wanted: One Shopping Pal

Shopping-mall Years ago, I had a friend and we did lots of cool stuff together.  This friend--oh, let's for the heck of it just call her Judy--and I used to go to the movies, attend local meetings, and SHOP.

Then she moved away.  Although I've made other friends, none of them have been shopping buddies.  I miss that.  I miss going to look at dishes, and furniture, and BOOKS, and office supplies, and music and stuff.  And the thing is, while I still love to window shop for these things, I hate doing it alone.

Lots of times I'll think about going to mall to look at china Dinnerware (not to buy, I already have a beautiful set of "good" china) and glassware.  I love walking through Macy's Home Center and seeing all the pretty patterns and baubles.  I love looking at the Egyptian Cotton sheets, and all the wonderful small appliances that I don't need or have room for in my tiny kitchen.  But I don't have anyone to share that with.

I love to go in Michael's or Joann's and look at the material, the crafts, the pictures frames, the stickers, and the candles, but usually I'm with Mr. Ivy who can't get in and out of those places fast enough.  (He can't stand the ever-present scent of potpourri.)

The only thing I don't like to shop for is clothes -- or shoes.  That's just painful.

Diner coffee Sometimes when my friend Nancy comes home to visit, we go to bookstores, but often we just sit in a restaurant and gab for hours.  We need to so some serious shopping when she comes back in April.

Until then, I'll just think about shopping.  If nothing else, it saves money.
Do you have a shopping pal?