Friday, November 26, 2010

Lots of Leftovers

When I learned to cook, I was a part of a family of five.  Therefore, I usually make enough food to feed an army.  Unfortunately, we're just two people with a small fridge.  When we replaced our refrigerator several years ago we figured, hey, what do we need a full-sized one for? 

What were we thinking?

Right now there are about seven hundred bottles and jars of condiments in our refrigerator.  I also keep my oatmeal (by the sack) and and flour in the fridge, because that keeps it from sprouting bugs.  (You know they're there--but why invite them to hatch?)  Then there's the BIG vat of hubby's coffee.  And now there're Thanksgiving leftovers balanced on top of everything else.

When we first got married, hubby refused to eat any leftovers.  He's changed his mind.  (And I didn't even have to beat him senseless for him to adapt to this new way of thinking.) 

I happen to LOVE leftovers.  Usually the flavors are enhanced by the aging process.  I love going weeks and weeks eating leftovers for lunch.  I can go for months, even years, without resorting to peanut butter and jelly.

What will I have for lunch today?  (I've got a feeling that turkey will be part of that meal.)  How about you?