Friday, February 25, 2011

Girly Update

Pink nail polish For Valentine's Day, Mr. Ivy gave me a little package with four different nail polishes.  (Okay, I bought it and said, "You can give this to me in my Christmas stocking," but he forgot and found it in February and gave it to me for Valentine's Day.)

So, I finally broke out a bottle and for the past week I've been wearing nail polish.  Mind you, I haven't worn nail polish on my fingers for quite a while.  For one thing, I keep my nails short.  I can't type if they get long.  (Or it seems to me I make a LOT of mistakes if I wear them longer then my fingertips.)

Nail_Polish I like to see my fingers with nail polish on them, but I tried the red and thought--ick, that looks awful.  I think if you have short nails you really need to wear light colors.  So I've got on light pink with sparkles and it's quite lovely, I must say.

I keep looking at my fingers as I do stuff and for days I thought...that looks very familiar.  Why is that, and then I Saturday I knew.  Nail polished fingers remind me of my Aunt.  Lots of times she wears nail polish (or she did--I know her toenails are polished, because she showed me.  (Great color, too.))

So when I'm looking at my fingers I'm thinking of her and what a wonderful cook she is.  I've actually had to do some cooking this weekend (okay, mostly reheating but that's cooking to me) and I find myself watching my fingers.  And I'm thinking, you know, I've got the Auntie cooking genius when I wear this silly polish.  I swear the food has tasted twice as good.

Bottom line:  from now on, I'm wearing nail polish when I cook.

How about you?  Do you wear nail polish?