Monday, March 21, 2011

Picture(s) of the Day: My Bathroom

A few years ago we were really tired of our bathroom, but who can afford a $40,000 gut job like they do on HGTV. Sarah Richardson thinks nothing of spending that much on a total makeover--right down to the studs.

Obviously we don't have Sarah's budget. So, we did it all for about $2,000 (yeah, YIKES--much more than we'd planned on spending) and have been quite happy with the results.


We bought the dresser at an antique arcade (the same one where I had a booth for 12 years).  It was small, so we had to special order the sink.  (That was a lot more than a regular sink, I might add.)  The jar was $1.50 at a yard sale and I fill it with Yardley soap from the dollar store.  We did real beadboard instead of paneling, which was expensive, too.  And after we yanked out the old double sinks and awful Formica (in dark brown) cabinets, we had to have the floor under it done.  (You can't match tile that's 40 years old it turns out.) Those are two of our cats watching the wall drip.  (They're easily entertained.)  I got the Starfish at Joanne's in their bargain bin.  I think it's cute.  (I actually got three and now all three hang there.)

I saw that color brown paint in a bathroom redo in an issue of MidWest magazine.  We're not afraid of color and against the white beadboard, it looks nice.  The prints (on the right) I had for years, but they had crummy frames, so I bit the bullet and bought new frames at Joanne's with sale coupons.

And here's what it looks like over our tub (we have a separate walk-in shower, so there's no fear of it getting ruined.


Mr. Ivy was nervous when I told him I wanted to hang an old sideboard mirror in the shower, but it turned out nice.  So we now have a kind of Victorian bathroom room in a contemporary ranch house.  Oh well, we like it.

Have you remodeled your bathroom?