Thursday, March 26, 2009


When I got married some 18 years ago, my mother offered to buy me a set of Sterling silver tableware. That was before my girlie gene kicked in and I foolishly said, "No thanks."

I have leaved to eat those words. (And without Sterling silver, I might add.)

A week or so ago, my mother said she Knife spoonhad something to show me. She unwrapped a little bundle of tissue and bought out a spoon with a little rose on the end of it. "Ohhh! Pretty," I cooed, "where did you get it?" I figured one of her friends had an odd piece and had given it to her. Sadly, one of her friends had fallen on hard times and was selling the silver. Did I like it enough for her to buy it for me as a gift?

Whoa! That was unexpected. But I was thrilled and this time I definitely said, "Yes!"

Yesterday, my mother picked up the silver in Silver in Boxits handsome wooden box, and gave it to me. The pieces say "Heirloom Silver," but I don't know what the name of the pattern is.

What do you think?

This is the silver with my best china (Royal Albert "Silver Maple.") Years ago, my mother gave me her Silver Maple tea set, that my (paternal) grandmother had given her. I bought the rest of the set (lacking some serving pieces) from a China Replacement company in Canada. (I'm on the lookout for a Silver Maple teapot.) Placesetting2
Don't they look fine together?

I love how they look -- but they need to be hand washed. Not so lovable. But, why should they just sit somewhere gathering dust, eh? I'm having company for dinner tomorrow and I'm using them!

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