Friday, May 29, 2009

Silly Scotsman

Scotch man2 We have a bar in our basement. In fact, we call it our "pub" because it's cozy with comfortable furniture, soft lights, a dart board, back bar, and you forget you're in a basement.

Hubby collects bar ware and has quite a spectacular collection of cocktail shakers. Although he's a LOT more restrained than I am when it comes to adding to his collections. But every now and then he indulges in something that's just plain silly, and this week it was someone's ceramics class project. Honestly, if this little guy hadn't been so well done, he would've never considered buying him, but -- well, we love Scotland, hubby drinks scotch, and it seemed a natural.

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Sares said...

How fun! My Nana has a lot of things she made from ceramic classes years ago, no Scotsmen though. I wonder if people still take these classes? I wonder how "old" your handsome Scot is too? Although I'm sure your Husband could care less about any of this, LOL!