Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catching up

I'mDry Last week the sales were really terrible. Maybe it's the continual wet weather we've had. It's been so bad, even my cat Fred has been hiding under an umbrella.

In addition to the flamingo, I did find a couple of other items. Man, you can't go wrong for a quarter. (Total expenditure this weekend: $1.75. I think I spent at least three times that much in gas.) I got a couple more nice baskets (no pictures of them) that I'll use at Christmastime. I like to make up gift baskets with edible treats, DVDs, books, etc. aimed at the victim . . . er, I mean recipient. They're more fun for me (although not necessiarly less expensive than some other gift), and lots of fun for the person getting it.

Roycroft_pat But I did get a couple of things for me. I love things from the Arts and Crafts movement from the early 20th century. And one of my favorite places to go for lunch is East Aurora, home of Elbert Hubbart. (Go for lunch or dinner: the Globe Hotel serves the very best fish fry in the USA.) I found this little Roycroft butter pat at my favorite little (church) thrift shop for a quarter. It was made by the Buffalo Pottery Company and is dated 1925. It probably came from the Roycroft Inn (which I believe burned in 1938). I've got a tiny plate hanger I got from Vidler's (a wonderful five and dime still running in East Aurora) and I'll hang it in my office.

News_stand The other quarter steal was this wonderful rooster newspaper stand. I often can't read the newspaper (no cracks about bifocals, please) and thought -- what the heck! Fold it up, put it on the stand and I'll have it handy (and taking up less space on the breakfast table, too).

As it's a holiday weekend, I expect there'll be less sales. I sure hope the ones scheduled won't get washed out.

In any case--have a Happy 4th of July!

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Sares said...

Love the picture of the kitty! Just think, the Summer is still young and there is much garage sale shopping to be had. You may even end up spending $20 by the time fall rolls around!