Monday, February 15, 2010

A Clock With Roman Numerals

What is it about Roman Numerals that's a royal pain when they show up at the end of an old movie (I can never figure them out.), but is cool on the face of a clock?

I searched for over a year for over a year for the perfect clock for a certain place in my home.  (Think of that old silent film where Harold Lloyd hangs from the minute hand of a giant clock hundreds of feet above a busy street.  And NO! I am not old enough to remember it first run.  It's th classic shot biographers of the actor always use.

I have a beautiful oak Grandfather clock my Dad made for me and--yes!--it has Roman numerals, too.  I have to be honest; I have NEVER seen another oak Grandfather clock--they're usually made of a dark wood (walnut or cherry).  That makes my clock all that more special.  (And as it ages, the color is mellowing, too.)

Do you have a clock preface?  Arabic numbers, Roman numerals, or (ick!) digital?

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