Friday, April 2, 2010

Heaven knows, I'm not the most successful gardener, but despite the tomato blight (and Mr. Groundhog eating 90% of my Brussels sprouts), I had a good year last year.  And this year I've decided to jump the gun on gardening season by planting snow peas.

Long ago, in a neighborhood far, far away, my parents were organic gardeners and they grew snow peas.  I must admit, in those days, I didn't pay much attention, but I did enjoy the bounty.  (All except asparagus, which they told us kids was "an adult vegetable that you won't like."  So I didn't.  Until my husband introduced me to it.  Now I realize there was a limited crop and my folks just wanted to keep it for themselves!)

I live along the shore of Lake Ontario and it isn't unknown for there to be frosts in late may, let alone early April, so the idea of planting now seems pretty foreign to me.  But the package (and Google) insists that these are a cold weather crop and into the ground they can go.

So, if the sun continues to shine, I will be out today with my little hoe and rake and plant my seeds.  

I can't wait to reap my harvest.

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