Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rest In Peace, little mouse

Dr. McCoy  There's an old saying, "You don't know what you've got until you lose it."

I have lost my pink wireless mouse.

Well, lost isn't exactly true.  It's sitting here on my desk.  The little red light underneath shines brightly when I pick it up, but ... to quote Star Trek's Dr. McCoy, "It's dead, Jim."

I was out of town and working on the laptop when it happened.  I do not like the mouse device/pad they give you on a laptop.  For one thing, I can never highlight anything with it.  The idea of approaching the Microsoft pink mouse day's work without my wireless mouse was daunting.  But I was out in the sticks.  Where was I going to find another wireless mouse?  The nearest Walmart was at least a half an hour's drive (if not more).

I had another mouse in my laptop case, but even with new batteries it didn't want to work, either.

Someone on Facebook told me that dropping a mouse (which I seem to do a lot, thanks to my cute but tiny desk) will kill it.  Um...I think I dropped it three times the day before it died.  But I was working along and it just stopped dead.  So I changed the battery (which I'd had to do about every three weeks during the summer).

RIP tombstone Dead, dead, dead.

Oh well, glad I had gassed up the car the day before, because it looked like Walmart here I come.  Except . . . I think I'm done with wireless mice.  I decided to get one with a wire.

They seem to live longer.

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