Monday, November 15, 2010

Oooh, yum. Now, if only I had the recipe . . .

Governors palaceYears ago, Mr. Ivy and I traveled to Colonial Williamsburg for a much-needed vacation.  While there, we stopped at one of the little places tucked behind one of the historical homes and bought a snack of Queen's Cake.

Yum yum!  As I remember it was very much like pound cake, but a lot lighter, possibly lemony, with poppy seeds.  I say possibly because it's probably been twenty or more years since I tasted it.  As I wasn't a pound cake fan, I was hoping I'd be able to find the recipe.

No such luck.

Every once in a while I go online and search for Williamsburg Queen's Cake.  I've found a couple of recipes, but none of them have poppyseeds.

Poppyseed pound cake Okay, I admit it, I'm not about to start experimenting in the kitchen to try to come up with a vague facsimile.  Reason?  Well, there's just the two of us, and someone has got to eat all those baking attempts, and Mr. Lorna and I simply can't afford the calories.

But when I think back to that trip, and that bright, HOT, sunny day when we drank lemonade and ate Queen's cake, I'd love to have just one more bite.

Have you sampled a taste sensation you enjoyed but can't replicate?

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