Friday, December 17, 2010

Seasonal Silliness

Llb_as_an_elf I'm an elf!  The DVD of the movie "Elf" has stuff you can do, including make a cartoon of yourself as an elf.  So I did.  (Does my nose really look like a flesh-toned golf ball?)

Tis the season for pure silliness, so I bought myself a pair of deely-boppers (at least that's what Hubby calls them).  They're little red sparkly balls on springs attached to a headband.  I have reindeer antlers, too, but they aren't as comfortable as the deely-boppers, which I wore for about 5 hours last night.  I either looked incredibly cute or incredibly stoooopid.   I also had on my light bulb earrings.  (Every time I put them on Hubby says, "Do they light?"  I think he's testing me to see how many times he can say it before I bonk him on the head.)

Meanwhile, I'm also wearing my Dollar Tree "diamonds and emeralds."  Now, Claire's at the mall has wonderful rhinestone bracelets in the $6-12 range.  But these little dollar store bracelets are almost as nice and considerably cheaper.  And in bad light, they look spectacular.  (Oh, I am such a cheap date.)

Why is it you can get a way with silly stuff at Christmastime but not other times of the year?  I hereby proclaim that silliness should be the order of every day.

Long live silliness!

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