Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To Bake--Or Not To Bake?

Cut out cookies It's no secret that I like to eat.  Especially sweet stuff.  Cookies, cake, candy, I like it all.  The problem is, I eat it, I wear it, and who wants that.

But tis the holidays!  You're supposed to overeat.  You're supposed to bake, Bake, BAKE!  (The Pop-n-Fresh Doughboy said so!)

My excuse this year NOT to bake (and I'm really clinging to it) is I HAVE NO TIME.  Now, we all know this is a lie.  I used to work 40 hours a week, AND put in my time at the co-op and I still managed to find time to bake for the holidays.  I'm desperately trying NOT to find time to bake because I keep seeing my butt in the full-length mirror and thinking, "I really need to go on a diet."  (Can you say New Year's Resolution?)

Peanut_butter_fudge There's a box of brownie mix on the counter that's saying, "Bake, me, Bake me!" I recently found Eva Wiley's (God bless her soul) peanut butter fudge recipe--the BEST in the universe.  And I came across Ruth Megan's peanut butter cookie recipe that I thought was lost forever.  *Sigh*  in the same league as the fudge recipe.

Cut-out cookies are just too much work, what with decorating and all...so the above are my choices for Christmas goodies.  Then again, maybe I should just buy them.

Cookies_2 But that doesn't solve the butt problem.

(That's part of last year's production on the right.)

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Debbi said...

I had to laugh! I love to bake for the holidays, but it goes to my waist and butt too, even tho I try to workout a little harder. I dont really have time either, but somehow convince myself I do and it would be nice to have plates of cookies to give the neighbors...but the cookie monster (DH)often raids the stash and spoils that plan.
Happy Holidays!