Friday, January 21, 2011

And me without a sewing machine . . .

According to my Susan Branch Calendar, today is VISIT YOUR LOCAL FABRIC STORE day.

Wouldn't you know, I don't sew.

Not that my mother didn't try to teach me.  In fact, when I was in Girl Scouts, she volunteered to teach the whole troup to sew.  Sadly, it didn't take -- at least for me.

My Mom is a quilter, she knits, she is extremely creative.  I didn't inherit that gene.  I used to do counted cross stitch, but then I got carpal tunnel syndrome.  I could do simple knitting, too--like scarves and slippers. (I was really good at slippers.)  But I can't do that any more, either.

Still I will admit that I do love to go to the fabric store and just look at all the pretty fabrics--the different textures and wish I could make something beautiful.  Especially since I'm a sucker for pretty pillows.  Must be because some of that urge to sew rubbed off--ya think?

What about you, do you sew?

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Andrea said...

I sew, I have a nice NEW HOME machine that my parents gave me after I wore out the singer sewing machine I used in high school. But really I haven't sewed a project in a really long time. I used to make quilts and clothes and think nothing of replacing a broken zipper in any garment. I just haven't been motivated to sew. I've be gardening at our new place and cooking.