Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bullied by Cats

There's a lot of talk these days about bullying.  Even though I'm a grown-up, I'm bullied on a constant basis.

Bonnie on my chair1 You're looking at the face of a bully.  I'll be sitting at my computer, working away, and then in comes Bonnie and she wants one thing:  my chair.  Why?  I think because it has a cushion.  To Bonnie, any cushion belongs to cats.  (We do have kitty cushions scattered around the house--so I guess it's not surprising that she thinks this way.)

First she walks in the room, marks the legs of my desk and then she pulls that killer move:  she looks at meWith kitty eyes.  If that doesn't work, she meows.  That meow says, "Get out of my chair.  NOW!"

I'm just a helpless human being.  I get out of the chair.

My name is Ivy, and I'm bullied by domestic cats.

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