Friday, January 7, 2011

My Favorite Meal of the Day

I love lunch.  Not just going out to eat lunch, but lunch in general.  I think I spend more time each day planning my meals than actually enjoying them.

Sandwich_2Lunch is so full of possibilities.  Sandwiches and soup?  And which sandwiches; ham and cheese on rye with loads of lettuce?  Tuna with celery and onion with tons of lettuce on multi-grain bread?  Chicken salad with onion, celery and lots of lettuce on white?  BTL with lots of mayo and loads of lettuce on toast?  (Did I mention how much I like lettuce on a sandwich?)  And subs.  We have a great little sub shop down the road that gives you an small assorted sub with tons of meat, cheese, peppers, onions, and lettuce for $3.00.  Toss a (very small) bag of chips, and you've got yourself one mighty fine lunch--for two, even!

I love leftovers.  Give me leftover curried chicken any day.  (Leftover curried ANYTHING is on my top ten list.)  Leftover potato salad with any above-mentioned sandwich (and baby dill pickle) is also marvelous.
Out to lunch When I go out to lunch, I like to have something I wouldn't have at home.  Like...Indian food I can't (or am too lazy) to make myself.  (Goat anyone?)  I also love Greens and Beans, which I have made for myself, but it's labor intensive.  And fish fries.  Yeah--at the Globe Hotel in East Aurora.  (Who wants the smell of fried fish hanging around the kitchen for a couple of days....) I love a linen napking.  Salad forks.  I love being waited on, too.

Unless Mr. Ivy is feeling creative in the kitchen, we tend to eat a lot of the same stuff for supper.  That amounts to:  lamb shoulder steaks; chicken, oven baked barbeque pork (with my mother's wonderful home-made barbeque sauce).  I have a lot of cookbooks.  It's time to haul them out and try something new.

But supper can wait.  Today's lunch is curried beans and rice.  Ahhhh...that's nice.

What are you having?

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