Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hungry cats with no worries

Okay, we've got four cats.  That's not really all that much.  I like to think of it as two pairs.  (Two girls; two boys.)

Catfood102008Our cats like to eat.  Oy--do they like to eat!  And two or three times a year we head out to the pet store and fill up the back of the car.  Can you guess what we did the other day?

This last load of 336 cans ought to last us until June.  And wouldn't you know, a day later we got a $10 coupon in the mail.  That's okay, we're getting low on Special Care (urinary tract dry cat food) that they also eat.

Can you believe, if there's some kind of national emergency, the cats don't have to worry about food.  Meanwhile, we don't have that much stored up for us.

Well, several kinds of the cat food are pate.  We can always spread it on crackers if we get desperate.

How well do your pets eat?

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