Friday, May 13, 2011

Time to hit the yard sale trail . . .

And the garage sale season is on!

Yesterday I had to run an errand to return something to a friend, so I decided to drop by a rummage sale on the way.

Unlike other years,the church decided that they needed to make a LOT of money, and so priced just about everything high.  They had many willing customers,so I guess they didn't need much of my cash.  Unlike other years, where I've spent up to $12 -- yesterday I spent a measly $2.35.  I bought . . .


I've seldom spent more than a buck for a theorem painting, but the picture was so pretty and the frame was lovely as well that I decided--what the heck--and shot the wad of $2.  I also bought a 10 cent fan and a set of shoe laces for a quarter.

I pulled out of the parking lot and headed south down the road and soon found another sign.  As it happened, the sale was next door to the home I grew up in.  Sadly, that house has not been treated well.  Weeds choked the yard.  The yard lights hung broken from the brickwork, and the brick flower boxes were in major disrepair.  I wanted to cry to see the home my Dad made so many wonderful improvements to falling apart, with even a broken window on the garage.

But I went on to the sale and bought . . .

2 china planters

I've got plans for these beauties.  Herbs on my kitchen counter.

I also bought a Christmas figurine.  The original price of 79 cents was written in grease pencil, crossed out,and a new price of 59 cents was written on the bottom.  I paid 25 cents for her.  She's going to join the choir of other figurines in my china cabinet.

Choir Angel

I also bought a water bowl for my darling felines for a quarter and a square plate with Colonial figures.  (Did I mention that I collect square plates?)

Square Colonial Plate

So now here's the group shot. I spent a grand total of $4.35.  Not too shabby.

Everything bought today

What was the last thing you bought at a yard sale?

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