Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My biggest purchase

When I was a dealer in an antiques arcade, my bread and butter was "smalls."  For one thing, they didn't cost a lot, and I usually sold enough to make my rent.  Period.  Profit?  If I made one, it was usually less than $10.  I stayed in the business for so long just because I enjoyed the thrill of the hunt.  And I still do.  I just buy a whole lot less these days.

So, what was my biggest purchase this summer?  A pitcher and ewer.  (Did you ever notice how many times the word "ewer" is used in crossword puzzles?)

Anyway, this one is a beauty . . .

. . . or it was.  What you can't see are the cracks in the back side of the pitcher.

So why did I buy such a flawed pitcher?  First of all, I LOVE brown transferware.  I had a yellow pitcher and ewer sitting in the same place in my guest room for years, but it was something someone made in ceramics class.  Mind you, it was pretty nice, and it had yellow flowered decals.  But it wasn't an antique.  I bought it in the hopes that one day I'd have an antique one to put in its place.  The yellow one cost me $4 at a yard sale in Oswego, NY.  This one came from a yard sale in Fair Haven, NY.  The woman was downsizing for a move to Florida and was selling her treasures.  When I saw the price tag on this ($5) I knew I had to have it, cracks and all.  She figured it was at least 150 years old.  I'm not so sure . . . but it's got to be at least 100 years old.

I love it.  How about you?

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