Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trotting out holiday favorites

On a recent visit to my local bookstore, I wandered through the mystery section to see what was new.  On all the cap ends were holiday mysteries.  Lots of them.  Whoa!

Book gifts A quick look at the copyright dates proved that these were NOT new books getting preferential treatement, but that the bookstore was trotting out seasonal backlists to satisfy readers' desire to get in the holiday spirit with a little touch of murder.

Some bigger-name authors get their holiday books re-released every year with "new-improved" editions, with extras.  (Can you think of a better thing?  New editions--something every collector will want and NEED!) Ka-ching, ka-ching!

I told another writer friend that we needed to write holiday books that could be trotted out every year.  Unfortunately, it's usually the publisher--not the author--who decides these things.
Every year I trot out my favorite holiday books, too.  Here are just a few:

A Christmas Carol Christmas_with_victoria Christmas Heart Home
Christmas Robin cover Pussycats-christmas

What are your favorite Christmas books?

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