Friday, January 13, 2012

Growing Old Sucks, Part III

Okay, I promise -- after today I won't do another growing old sucks post ... well, not for a while at least.

What's today's topic?  Cholesterol.

My last bloodwork showed my cholesterol was a little high.  We're not talking in the 400 range.  It was 233, and since 200 should be the high end of normal, my doctor has threatened me.  "Get it down," she said.

So, I'm eating oatmeal every day.  (Ick.)

Actually, I don't like my oatmeal too sweet, so instead of brown sugar or even maple syrup, I've been eating it with raisins to sweeten.  And you know what ... it's not half bad.  I can eat it for a few months and not get too bored with it.  (I hope.)

Meanwhile, I also eat a handful of almonds every day. (Well, 10 actually.)

And in case the oatmeal and almonds don't do the trick, I've also resorted to . . .

(Double ick.)

Have you tried natural means to try and curb the forces of nature?

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