Monday, January 2, 2012

Toss it all away?

On Saturday, the Rochester newspaper ran a story that more or less said that to get your life under control you must go through every room in your house and TOSS EVERYTHING OUT.

Um ... that doesn't set right with me.  Okay, they weren't quit as ruthless as that.  They suggested you go through junk drawers (on my list of things to do) and medicine cabinets, and clear out all the clutter.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  (And by the way, what are we supposed to do with all these outdated drugs in the meds cabinet?  They tell you not to flush them, and not to toss them in the trash either.  How about mixing them with dirty kitty litter?)

As someone who has spent a lifetime collecting pretty things, it's heresy for me to even think of getting rid of my treasures.  Although ... I must admit that pruning the collection would allow for new additions.

Will I start my Etsy business this year?  It's on the docket.  I just need to find another 10-12 hours in the day.

How about you?  Will you do your spring cleaning early this year?

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