Friday, March 16, 2012

Hot dog!

The weather has been terrific -- if you're a duck.  No, really, it's been wonderful temperatures, but clouds and sun and a little rain.  But that didn't stop us from hauling out the grill for the very first hot dogs of the season.

I'm a hot dog purist.  Onions and ketchup and that's about it.  Mr. Ivy likes the works.  Can you say sloppy?  But they sure smelled good on the grill the other night.

Of course, hot dogs need other picnic food.  I made tuna-mac salad and we had potato chips, too.  A diet meal?  No.  A healthy meal?  No way!  A tasty meal?  You got that right!

Have you had your first bite of summer yet?

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Exam Papers said...

After hot dogs, now we are introducing HOT CATS...