Monday, June 4, 2012

Back in the yard sale saddle again!

Where have I been?  Oh, doing stuff.  And on the weekends, my friends and I have been back on the yard sale circuit.  Unfortunately, the pickings have been mighty slim lately. Since I only bought three things this weekend, I thought I'd stretch them out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (leaving the best for last, too -- so be sure to come by and check the blog later this week).

I have been looking for a lovely 2-tiered plate for the times when I serve tea.  Who doesn't want to set a pretty table?  I checked out Macy's in Rochester and did a double and triple take at the prices for a brand new one.  But my friends and I went to the big neighborhood sale in Lyons over the weekend and look what I found.

Okay, maybe I am limited to using it in the winter (think I can stretch it out until at least Valentine's Day?) but for the price -- a whopping seventy-five cents -- I think I can handle it.

What would you have paid for such a cute plate?

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I thought it was only me. Ride on!