Thursday, May 21, 2009

Latest Rummage Sale Finds

Holy cow--is it Thursday already? I started this on Monday but didn't get my pictures out of the camera until now. My bad!

Anyway, I love church rummage sales. They usually have a lot of good stuff, but you have to get there just as they open. That’s why I showed up at 8:45 to a church sale last Friday. By the time to doors opened, I was No. 40 in a line that snaked out behind me.

Plateandmug The doors opened at precisely 9 a.m. and the orderly crowd filed in. Everyone else fanned out, but I stuck to the “expensive” table (We're talking $1 and up) and scored a nice rose dish, and a rose plate. I was tempted by a rose creamer, but was strong and resisted. I wasn't so resistant to the pretty little bone china cup for only a quarter. (I might have been had I noticed the little chip in the rim. I decided not to toss it, though, just because it is so pretty.)

There were at least four long rows of tables, filled with all kinds of cool stuff. I saw some teapots that interested me, but decided to pass them up on the first circuit. (They were gone five minutes later.)

Juiceandmuffin Trying to be selective, I bypassed a lot of nice things. Like six ivy juice glasses. I do collect ivy items, but I don’t drink juice. I also found a large pink shell. Since I’ve got a shell motif going in one room, I picked it up. (And only later noticed that all points had been broken off. Still haven't decided if I'll keep or toss that.) I had practicality on my mind, too, and picked up an old (prune) juice (now water) bottle for the fridge. Ahh...nothing like a cold drink of H20 on a hot day! And, since I've decided to make a batch of muffins, I went for the muffin tin, as well.

Shelfwstuff As I wandered the room, I came across a bunch of other stuff. A little pink swan, and a swan Christmas tree ornament (do you sense a collection is going to happen?) and I found the almost-perfect little shelf to display them on. Or it will be once I paint it white (or off-white--haven't decided which yet). The starched doily was tres chic and since it has a touch of pink, I decided it needed to go with the pink swan. Next I found the darling little pink shoe (and the price was just as nice--one thin dime). I'm sure I'll find a few more things to put on it and I'll post a picture once I paint and hang the shelf. (Hope the weather holds so I can spray paint it this weekend.)

Rosedish2 My hunt for roses continued, and I came up with this lovely little dish. I probably won't ever put anything in it -- it's too pretty. I wonder if I could hang it. That said, I seem to be running out of wall space. Oh well, it's pretty and that's about all that matters.

Goldshell Since I had the shell motif on my mind, I grabbed this little gold archetectual thingy. Okay, I'm attracted to stuff that's gold. So sue me! But I also figured it would look really good in my bathroom hung over the shower stall. (Trust me, it'll go great.) But I can't hang it because I'm having some work done on the ceiling and the repair guy might get caught on the nails, so I'll have to wait a week or so before I hang it. : (

Susie My big purchase of the day was a print of a little girl. I will admit that I saw copies of it at the antique co-op where I used to have a booth, and I always loved it because it reminds me of my friend Susie. In my not so humble opinion, it looks like Susie must have looked as a little girl. When I showed her a copy of the picture (I'd also seen it in a magazine), Susie was appalled. "It doesn't look a THING like me--or like I did as a kid." Too bad. I disagree! So when I saw the picture at the rummage sale, you better believe I snapped it up. It looks great in my girly guest room. Sorry about the angle of the photo, but because of the glass and the reflection, I took it standing to one side. Isn't she cute!!! Cost to me? Three dollars. (Sometimes waiting to buy something can pay off in the long run. Don't remind me of all the things I didn't buy and now regret.)

Cakeplate3 The last thing I found was a milk glass cake plate. I can't say I'm thrilled by the painted (and pretty worn) flowers, but I've been looking for a cake plate and figured the cake would hide them. (Or I'll put a paper doily to hide the flowers.) The price was certainly right at a buck. (Did I do well at this sale, or what?)

Okay, let's see those swans again.



Wanda said...

Hello Ivy, I am so glad you popped by and said Hi.
It looks like you found some good things, I love a good garage sale or flea market.
I hope you do use your muffin tin and make cupcakes, they are such fun. TTFN

Sares said...

I've never been to a church rummage sale. I didn't know I was missing out on all of THIS FABULOUS STUFF! I'm going to have to start watching the ads in the paper more closely. The little oblong rose dish is beautiful. I have one in a similar shape, but it's pale blue with pink roses, a family treasure passed down.

I would have bought that picture too, she's adorable. The people at the sale sound like a bunch of shopping vultures. I wish I could have been one of them, LOL!!!

Have yourself a great day at the Ivy Bend!