Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I get so jealous reading some of the blogs and see the treasures that some of you ladies Tea set find on your junking forays. Silver trays, glorious old bird cages, and beautiful, hand-painted dishware. My local thrift stores seem to carry mostly old, broken, dirty item, tons of clothes, and smell of dead people. No one seems to care how messed up the shelves are, or how clean the floor. A lot of the items on their shelves are also new. Stuff that has been dumped by the likes of Target, with the original price tags still on them.

That’s why the Wesleyan Thrift Shop in North Rose, NY, run by the ladies of the Wesleyan Church) is such a treat. The clothes are all clean, hanging neatly by size (not color). They take up most of the retail space, while the walls are lined with shelves filled with household items. Everything is clean and priced to sell. Every time I go in the store, I know I’ll find something. It may not be a treasure, but I’ll spend a few dollars.

Two floral plates This past weekend, I found two floral plates, marked Eggshell Nautilus, dated 1945, a tiny white doily, and two CDs (The BeeGees Greatest Hits, and Christmas Reflections (Guitar)). Total cost: $3.51 (tax included).

My next spot was Alton Antique Center. It’s a pretty nice antique co-op, with some really wonderful things. (They also have free coffee and cookies for their customers.) But I have to admit I’m spoiled. I no longer wish to pay “retail” at antiques stores. I was in the business for 12 years and darnit, I’m just too cheap. So when I find something I really like, it’s a treat.

Floral platter I found a rectangular floral platter for a dollar. It had a hairline crack, but I think it’ll be fine for serving rolls or luncheon meats. I was tempted by some transferware butter pats, but at $9 each, I remained strong and kept my wallet closed.

What’s your favorite place to shop for goodies?

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Sares said...

Beautiful dishes, and I agree it makes the shopping a more pleasant experience when the place doesn't smell and the things are clean and displayed neatly. Sometimes you just have to hold your nose and go for it!
That's an added bonus to yard sales, you're in the fresh air!!!